Welcome to my blog! You probably won’t find any deep thoughts on the meaning of life or anything, but you will find details about my historical costuming exploits. I’ve made many historical costumes over the years, especially the past three years. My main period of interest is the one spanning the late Georgian/Directoire and Empire/Regency in England, France, and the rest of Europe, as well as here, stateside.

For one reason or another–well, really it’s because I spend my whole day on a computer writing and editing about sewing and I don’t really want to spend a lot of my free time doing it, too–I haven’t quite managed to maintain posting momentum on a blog. I have another one, dedicated to my everyday sewing (a.k.a. “real life”). Seems separating my historical sewing from my modern sewing is more motivating. I want a place to record the work that goes into my projects and a place to share my work with other costumers. So, here it is.

First up will be a post rounding up many of the costumes I’ve made in the past few years. Then I’ll go straight into the first few projects of this new year: 2015.

I participate in The Historical Sew Monthly (formerly the Historical Sew Fortnightly, but the pace was more than most participants could keep up with). I probably won’t take on most of the challenges, but I will when they dovetail with items I already have planned.

So, that’s the dealio here on this blog. Posting will probably be infrequent, but not rare. Fingers crossed!