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20160701_081753Well, it’s been a long while since I last posted an update on anything, particularly about the last project I was working on. My 18th century project kind of ran into a wall. It’s been nearly 1 year since I set it aside and I still have to redo the side panels of the chemise a la reine! I just haven’t had the incentive to finish it. I thought I might get to it this winter and finish it in time to attend the Francaise Dinner, since I now live close enough to make attending feasible–but nope. Other projects grabbed my attention, as so often happens.

But I completed the last stitch on my 1780s-90s stays a few weeks after the event I was to have worn them at last March. All bindings are applied and steamed to shape (love that wool twill tape), and the strap eyelets are sewn so I can tie the straps front to back.

(And then I promptly forgot all about this post saved in my drafts folder. I suppose moving had something to do with that.)


They’re rather plain, but I love these stays! They really do fit well, and despite not being 100% accurate in the front lacing, they’ll work underneath so much late 18th century that I may choose to make in the future. Not only the chemise a la reine, but a late Anglaise or Polonaise.

So, here are some shots of me in my Totally Finished stays and some details….